Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been awhile since I blogged ahaha.

Okays short update. Iap is tough.
Need to so alot of work. And storyboard still pending, because
big boss is overseas. Suck man. And its like the 5th week already?
Now helping out other project in the mean time, and also editing the
storyboards. Yeahh juggling two projects now.
But good thing the staffs over there are friendly. And my supervisor treat
me for Swensen!!! Ahahaha awesome.
Been presenting storyboards to quite a number of staffs, to get their opinion
beffore showing it to the big boss. Im always nervous during the presentation,
but im kinda get the hang of it. And i said again, good thing is the staffs are nice
and friendly.

Okay screw iap. Yesterday was fun!
Went Ice-skating with Grace,Zihao,Faye,Holly and nadhirah. Quite fun, 1st time I
iceskate. And its slightly tougher than rollerblading. AND I FALL!!! So awesome lah!
Ahahaha. And I can even sweat like crazy over there, when its cold? Actually its not
that cold, its like normal air-conditioned room? But yeahh fun.
Followed by arcade for awhile, then chill at subway.
Went to Mind Cafe after that. Ahaha fun. Kelly and Desmond joined us.

It was fun and tiring day ahaha. And I was totally blur when we are about to head home ahaha. I thought we are at raffle's place station when we are actually at city hall.
And from city hall i wanna go dhoby ghout. But i go towards the green line instead.
And on purple line, i took the train from dhoby to harbourfront, then back to hougang
because i just want a place to sit lol. Wasting time man..
Okay enough said.
Gonna watch Harper's island hahaa. I haven watch a single episode. Went to download it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Man, Iap quite pressuring sia.

Last monday after iap went out with Gck team, ahaha together with
Zihao and Kafai. Zihao looks even more like a kid with his new haircut.
Eat lunch and played arcade. Nothing much, just a gathering.

Spent alot lately. And tuesday wth, again go back to school for macs, ahaha.
Only me and oreo, the rest say wanna go back and play l4d, in the end never lol.
Met Aj,al,aud and siewmay there.
Went home chiong storyboard, because the following day is presentation.

WEDNESDAY is my epic day. Storyboard almost complete. Went to work early planning
to contnue. Reached work, open back to take out my file. BUT IT WAS NOT IN MY BACK!!
Super panick lah! Left it at home. So i cabbed back, and it cost $21.
YEahhh $21, hurts like hell... Took my file and head back to buena vista, by train. Too painful for another cab ride.

Reached Vista station, then took cab to the building ahaha, because the frequency of the free shuttle bus is slow. Cab ride this time was $3plus. Phew, lucky no more peak hour. And so,
i officially started work at 10.50am that day. Lucky that my presentation is in the afternoon.

Looked for my supervisor, Show my storyboard, and she helped me scan it. But wth, the scanner sucks, degrades my storyboard lah!! it is in black and white, and shadings that i did is all messed
2pm. Present to 5 staffs. Presentation was okay lah, Not as nervous as fyp presentation lol. And the staff is pretty friendly. Ask me to change quite a number of things, but they like my concept.
And then my supervisor gave me another blow.
Finish a newer version storyboard by friday. Sob....sob... Then i was super sian lah. After
presentation i slack all the way to 6pm. slack also cant do much. Stupid com got no flash
player, cant watch videos online. So i surf the net randomly and came across some shoe website.

So i was like, okay maybe i should get myself a new shoes already. And yeahh, went Vivo and bought Globe shoes. And HOW AWESOME IT IS! 40% DISCOUNT!!! Made my day after the wicked shitty wednesday.

Thursday i daydreamed alot, dozed off for like 10mins in the room too. Friday rushed Storyboard. Okay another shitty day. Afternoon, looked for her to submit, shes not at her
desk! Look for her quite a number of times. msg her also no reply. the hell.
AND Friday ends at 5.30pm. And guess what time i left. 6.40pm!!!!
I stayed back to scan my work, a better scanner. Crop, edit and stuff. And emailed. Stupid day.

Btw Cassidee from Hey Monday is DAMN AWESOME!!!
She's cute, i totally love her hair, her voice is power!!!
And and and, she freaking noes how to play the guitar!!! AHHHH!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okay 1st day brought my laptop. The person in charge told me to bring
because theres no coms for me to use. But actually there is.
the 1 im using is super sucky, and theres no flash player, quicktime, and watever shit.
and i cant install because i got no privileges. I need to ask the person over there.
And i forgot to bring home my laptop!!! I left it on the top shelf. Bummer...
OHYA! Me, Kelly and Nadhirah share the same room after all! But different projects.

Oreo ask whether wanna go back to school eat macs.
Lol damn retarded. We wanna eat macs just because we want the Cup.
And we go back to school because its cheaper. Lol damn lame.

2nd day. Meet with my officer charge. 1st day she was on MC.
Wahhh she's super nice. Very friendly. Lol and she said she wanna treat me
lunch 1 day. And.. she told me about my jobscope.
So i have to create a corporate video, ALL BY MYSELF!!!! WTH pressure.
And next week i have to present my storyboards to a number of staffs already.
Hopefully everything goes well.... Like really really.

Btw the building is super cool. There's like a supermarket too at the basement. Like
shopping centre lah! Got starbucks, other food outlets, barber, clinic, GNC and other
shits. Free shuttle bus from Buena vista station to the building too. But its super duper

Okay, i thk im gonna watch drama liao. Lol got influenced liao, now starting to watch
korean/taiwan/japanese drama. Well that also because american idol end liao. Heroes
need to wait for new season. And no mood to watch Prison break new episodes.
Now watching 1lr of Tears. Sad show.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yeahh indeed!
Wowwww, 3months really pass by so fast...
Im seriously gona miss fyp.. Yeahhh, u heard me.
The bonding we haf, the fun and crazy stuffs we did together.
Wahhh shit man, memories...

Played Badminton during the last week of fyp. Ahaha awesome man.
Its been so long since i touch a racket. It was so much fun, laughing all
the way while playing. Zi Hao our co-director also join us. He's damn cute
lah, he's like 1 of us already, u cant really tell he's a school staff.

Yesterday was presentation. It was well prepared, although steve said most of
us look nervous when we are presenting. Our presentation supose to be 30mins only.
But we presented for a freaking 1hr!!!!
Its something like detention lahh, standing straight on the stage. After it was over bodies
are kinda cramped already.
Was so relieved when its over. Took photos together, including the lecturers. I am so
gonna miss that fyp room. and also the stupid retarded com that i used ahaha.
Ohhh And Desmond bought gifts for us, with the $50 ntuc voucher we gave him for his birthday LOL! Super epic birthday gift. He gave me 3big packets of yupi gummies ahaha, since Im the sweets guy in the room.

When out to celebrate 2gether. Zi hao also join us! Ahaha. Went to Pastamania for a dinner
together. And wth, we suddenly talk about shit lahh, lol so retarded. Talk about vomit, shit
and stuff. Lol Oreo was damn funny, he was still eating, and he looked pretty disgusted and
was trying so hard not to listen lol.
Holly and Fei left after that. Then we went Minds Cafe.
Ahaha shout like crazy lah! we were the loudest group over there. Shout and laugh all the way.
Super awesome time we had. went home after that.

Shit man, gonna miss my fyp group.
Grace- the Da jie, the mother too. The caring 1, and also the 1 who keeps us grounded ahaha.
Always make us go for breakfast lol.
Shafiq- The joker and the crazy 1. We made racist joke about him also he don't mind. Lol sorry man ahaha.
Chenchong- Oreo! Mr.biscuitz!Virus-Scanner! My fyp partner! We laugh like crazy together.
listen to stupid irritating songs and watch retarded videos together ahaha.
Kelly- The camwhorer! She's our fyp photographer! lol. The 1 who invent nicknames for us.
First was Dark lord now Im called Rara lol. Sometimes the whiny 1 too.
Desmond- The hyper and friendly guy. the 1 who cant sit still and always go around and disturb others.

Gonna miss them. But at least Im gonna share the same building with grace, kelly and also
Marcus, Fei and Nadhirah for IAP!!! I2R. Big ass building. But we are all in a different company though. But still can meet up for lunch!
Hopefully we can meet up often together.


Ahaha Im a fan of him right from the start, and now he won! YeahhH!
Just like last year, I was a fan of David cook, and he won too!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


AHHH this video is so cute. Although it's a Avril 'girlfriend' video ripoff.
Thanks Kel for informing me about this video! Okay Taylor looks damn AMAZING
in this video. Especially when she's Brunette!! And she in the black hair
kinda resemble Avril too. Ahhh whatever. Hot!
BUT, the ending totally spoils the whole video. Like what the hell?!
That guy kiss her? Sheeshh.

Okay, theres school 2mrw. sucks. Primary, secondary and even JC is having a holiday.
very the not fair.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Okays, today's post won't be about my boring life and shit like that.
I'm gonna talk about this. Today's topic is about Demons. Demons come in
different kind of forms. The 1 at the top is 1 of them. They are called, ChiHuaHua.
Look at the top picture carefully. Looks are very disceiving. Yeah whatever, it looks
cute, but it's actually full of DARKNESS. Just take a look at their eyes for an instant.
Its super Huge, and u can bet there's high level black magic in it. Ohya, don't stare
at it for too long, just a reminder.
They are just horrible creatures, if you think they are cute, I'm afraid the black magic
has got into you. You are corrupted.
Even their name sounds Demonic. Come on, ChiHuahua? Super evil with a sugarcoat
kind of name. Chi is because they got lots of energy in them. HuaHua is just the sound
that they make. So retarded but the evil society finds HuaHua a badass name..

Let's talk about their rank. Okay, some Demons have horns. And the larger the horns,
the higher their DEMON RANKS are. Well, those without horns are just losers and
rejects. Some of those rejects transform into Bimbotic Blonde girls. Okay back to the horns.
When Demons transform into dogs, their horns will form the ears.
So their ears can tell their superiority too.
AND you don't wanna mess with the ChiHuaHuas, because they are 1 of the higher
ranking Demons, that explains the huge ugly ears. And their big eyes too.

LEt's talk about their attitude. Ouhh boy, the 1 above is just soo Ugly and Demonic.
It's releasing it's inner Demon. "Being naturally territorial and protective, Chihuahuas can be easily provoked to attack" Quote from wiki wiki. Well, that's how Demons behave. Score!
Another point to prove they are Demonic. So yeahh, they are smart, acting all innocent and
cute, when they can just go Rage mode in a split second, and before you know it, u lost a
Uh huh, they will bite off your ears, because they find other beings with ears are a threat
to them, and they always wanna be the best of all. Tsk.

This is their Mafia Boss. African American race. Yeahh a Niger some might say.
Just look at that swagga, the posing, the bling, the fierce attitude. They are the
mastermind. Most of the time they brainwash retarded, idiotic but filthy rich
female blondes, so that those bimbos will treat them as a pet.
Those bimbo will act as their owner, but actually, they are just slaves!!!
And 1 of the bimbos is PARIS HILTON. Ouhh, Paris Hilton might be those rejected Demon
without horns, that I talk about earlier too. Btw Those mafia Chihuahuas will use
those bimbo's money to devise a plan and create and incredible machine to wipe out
us Humans. Seriously, damn sad lah.

ALRIGHT this I think is freaking cute. Its super hairy and huggable. But like what
I said, their looks are very disceiving. These Hairy ones are the assassins, the
SILENT KILLER. The most dangerous breed of Chihuahua Demons. Look at that
face, scary... Most probably it spotted it's next target to kill.
They are super strong. They have lots of Chi in their body, so they have to excrete it
out of their body, in the process, those CHI solidifies and form FUR. Its stupid but
it makes sense rite?
They are very proud creatures too. Look at the tail above. ChiHuaHua likes to curl up
their tail, to show that they are mighty. Another purpose of these is also because it's
getting ready their aerial shot. They can shoot bullets of smelly Pedigree poo from their
back holes. How deadly is that.

So people, beware of these deadly Demon. They are just monstrous, in a cute little shell.
Here's a tip on what to do if you bump into them.
Give them food. Lots of it. It must be sweet too. Chihuahuas are prone to lots of diseases
such as Diabetes too. It can really put their lifes in grave dancer and make it die quickly.
Another way is to just knock their skulls. Chihuahuas tend to have incomplete skull,
and 1 part of it is soft, so its vulnerable.
Another way to to just sprinkle salt, garlic, sand or whatever shit that can cause irritation,
to their eyes. You will never miss because their eyes is too big for you to miss. Their eyes
are very sensitive, To that method can completely blind them.
Hopefully that helps.
Thanks to wikipedia for some infos and the images too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sent my laptop for reformating and stuff last sunday. ohh exactly last week.
but its like, i have no time to like, touch my laptop last weekdays.
Yeahh fyp getting busy. And also have to juggle coke project.
Been going home like, 11pm these few days. And we stayed overnight too.
Ahaha last Wednesday stayed overnite, and L4D.
And also ate alot of snacks in school till i got a bloody sorethroat and cough.
Yeahh still coughing now. Soo annoying. Hmmm maybe i shld get MC and
pon 2mrw? ehehehe

ANyways Fyp is ending soon. And Ah boy told us that we will have alot of work to do.
Good thing Coke is over. But I wanna do some personal work, for portfolio purposes.
And theres no maya in my laptop. Awww sad.
My laptop lost its memory. I must really spend time with it, so that it can regain all it's
lost memories.

ANd what the hell is that "monetize" tab for? I just notice it beside the layout tab.
And im back playing with my Psp too. Yay. Playing Dynasty warrior strikeforce
and also DJ max.

TOTALLY! That show is dying already. I find it getting crappier and crappier.
Well at least Ali Carter is stil alive, i dont know whether its Tracy or THE
OTHER SISTER! Annoying. But its pretty awesome that she can juggle these
But yeah, seriously?! SPOILER ALERT!
Im super Sad that Nathan is dead. But kinda happy at the same time, because
every season finale shows that he's dying, but he's not. But now he officially died! I think?
Ad the way he died is awesome!!!! Blood gushing out of his throat,. Fuaahh awesome shit.
Maybe he's still alive?
Yeahh something about heroes is that the main cast wont ever die. And seriously, again,
who wants a psychotic serial killer to act as your son? So bloody ackward lah. Sheeesh.
Yeahh yeahh im complaining. But still, im gonna watch the next season!!!!
AND Prison Break is back too!!! Okay im gonna shit now. Byes

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okays, i watched American Idol yesterday. And Im pissed.
The Judges are all retarded. Most of the time i dont agree with them.
Some of the performance are kinda pitchy and bad, but the judges still like it.
Especially Danny Gokey. Its super screamy and he didnt hit certain notes,
but Kara was like, "u hit every single note, it was amazing!" like, WTH?!
okay so, im gonna judge the contestant for today's post.

Adam Lambert - A-
Okay, i like how he look this week. Wayy better than his Elvis hairdo afew weeks
back. His performance was emotional, it was really unexpected. But his voice kinda
cracks for this week's performance. AND this week suppose to be Disco week. But
hes not singing disco, i think he take a disco song and make it his own, thats really
cool. Ahh he will win the American Idol for sure. He's vocals is mad crazy. And he
seems like a nice guy, last time i thought he was a poser and attention seeker.
Kelly told me his gay, she say photos of him kissing other guys. I was like WTH?!

Allison Iraheta - B
I really like her during the early Idol period. Loves her rocker voice. She's very spicy
and unique. But for now, i kinda find her voice sounds the same in all the songs that she
sings. Its getting a little dull already. But its cool that she can rock the stage when shes only 16.
Dont think she can make it to top3. Judges were praising her all the way when some of her
performance isnt that good, because the judges want some female contestant to remain
in the show.

Anoop Desai - C+
Lol Anoop. Okay, he's got a great voice. But looks like a freaking geek. With his weird
outfit. He really likes colours huh. And he sand "true colours" last week. Tsk. Okay,
great voice, but hes got a stinky attitude. He's like super Ego and super wannabe.
Annoying. And very mouthy. It annoys me when contestants talks back and disagree
with the judges comments. U can disagree, but not on stage, not cool at all. Ohh, and his
performance this week, he mess up the last note at the end. So boo. Well the judges never
talks about it anyway. Tsk.

Danny Gokey - C-
I wanted to give him an F. But i dont wanna be bias. Okay, Donkey guy. I think i shall
call him Dankey, or Dokey. Annoying guy. Attention seeker. Hate him hate him.
Okay i really like his voice, very husky and raspy. I was a fan of him during the audition.
But now i hate him. hate his attitude. And super overrated. The judges love him.
And Paula said "i see u in the finals!" twice! Im gonna kill her already. His performance
was screamy lah. And he dances like DOnkey from Shrek. Well suits his name.

Kris Allen - B+
Im a fan of this guy. Okay seriously speaking, His vocal range is the weakest among the other
male contestant i think. But he's super smart. He noes how to use his voice.
I love his phrasing when he sings, and hes super original. He always make a song his own. And he noes how to play quite a number of instrument. Man, this guy is underrated. This week
performance was pretty cool, but he mess up 1 note. And he doesnt really sing disco too,
just like adam. lol. And he's looks like a nice guy, and very humble. He dont wear flashy
outfits just like the rest. He wore like a Simon's shirt lah this week.

Matt Giraud - B-
Not bad, his vocals are great. He can work the stage. But he's like a poser.
I think i will be a fan if he's more original. Hes super talented,and his piano
skills are amazing. But yeahh, i think some Japan company made a clone
of Justin Timberlake, but it failed, and they created matt giraud instead.

Lil Rounds - D+
OMG. SHes a bloody Diva. Super mouthy, super Ego. She keeps talking back
to the judges. And when the judges comment, she looks super sad plus angry.
I feel kinda sad for her though because the judges keep saying she picked a
wrong song, when i think some of her performance were really great. She got crazy
vocals, but her stinky diva african american attitude wont bring her anywhere.
NO, maybe she can become a calefare in some rapper's video, like she her booty
at the background or something.

Okay enough said. American idol is crap now, though the contestants are talented.
And im gonna stay overnite in school today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kris Allen - Falling Slowly

Man, this song is just so beautiful. This song got stuck in my head
after i watch him perform it last week on american idol. It was
awesome, but that stupid Randy Jackson said it was pitchy and he
dont like it or something. Screw him man, I can take his place as a judge
anytime, LOL. But Simon said it was brilliant!
Btw this song is from a movie soundtrack,Once. I forgot who's the actual singer lol.

Fypj is freaking messed up man. And the storyboard is still not finalised.
The story is as abstract as that person's artwork lah lol. Im so dead if any of the
lecturers found out my blog. But now that person is gone for the time being,
and Tze Hao(i think?) is taking over his place and work on the story. Tze Hao
is 1 of the student who started GCK lah.
Yesterday went to Des's 21st birthday party. Ahaha i was like super shock when i found
out he's 21 this year, some time ago. Doesnt look his age.

And today i just stayed at home, watched Harry Potter 2nd movie and HanaKimi last 2eps.
Wahh omg lah, i noe its embarassing, but i cried like crazy lah. WTH man. Not the "boo hoo"
kind of cry, just that tears just flowed down my cheeks a couple of times. Super emotional

2mrw's school. Need to do concept stuffs. Have to design wacky looking props, then model.
And Oreo ask me to join him for Coke Zero competition, and the deadline is like, 1st May?
lol. Hopefully i can be much use to him. My AI and AE skills are super rusty liao.
Okay i gonna rest now, my headache is still killing me even though i took a 2hr nap just now.

And AHHH!! Mama Nature is in a bad mood or what. The weather is freaking HOT lah!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ouhhh its been awhile.


K im done.

No, lame. Kk many stuffs to blog, but im just too lazy.
And I dont wanna two-time my laptop. Its a sin you know.
Yeahh im using my desktop, which i dont like at all.
I still haven reformat my laptop. Wth seriously i need to do it soon.
But I still uses my laptop, to like watch videos and stuffs.
But i cant access internet at all. So yeah, its as good as dead.

Been watching Avatar and HanaKimi, got it from Jiawei.
They say Hanakimi is a good show. So i watch lor.
And seriously its great. Funny and emotional at the same time.
And I teared lah just now! Wth man. Super sad.

Harry Potter 6th movie is coming out soon.
And i just, erm, Dloaded the previous 5 movies lol.
Gonna watch it next weekend or smthing.
Okay i think dats it for now. I feel like a two-timing jerk now.

And 2mrw's school. And im gonna say this again.
we are still working on episode2, and half of fyp is gone already.
But Im kinda happy because, honestly, we slack alot. But people
who's gonna work on their CODPIT story for fyp beware, you
are going to HELL!!! Ahahaha. Yeahh its tough. Need to chiong
all the way and die die must finish the whole thing.

GCK group its like, if u cant finish, u pass it to the next batch.
So dont complain if u haf to do GanCheongKin for FYP lol.
And i still dunno how to spell his name. Screw him. HMPH!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

-We shift to M311, because they have to reclone our lvl6 coms.
-Almost done with the animation clean up.
-Bored waiting for Anil to come and comment on our work.
-He took so long, so went to play L4D with Shafiq,Desmond and kelly.
-Went into another room to play.
-Best part, got caught playing by Mr.YT. Yeeaaahhh.
-He was like, "this kind of things happens." and walk away looking disappointed.

-Done with our animation,just waiting for Anil to approve.
-Macbook camwhoring. Erm, yeahh.
-YT was spying on us like a pervert in the other room.
-We got busted again.
-YT call me, des, and kel to another room to talk to us.
-He gave some enlightenment talk and stuff like that. Telling us stories
and stuff. Basically, he's trying to say we are responsible for our actions.
-He was cool. I wasnt really feeling tense at all. He didnt scold. In fact he joke
-He ended it all with a fist. No, not a punch. The fist-to-fist kinda cool gesture
thingy. That was cool.
-At least he didnt scold us. i heard IM and games kena very bad from him.

-waited for any1 to come by and gives us new work to do.
-Che Chen came over. Gave us new task. And it really suck.
-Encounter lots of problems. sian.
-Che Chen came by again. And he was like seriously seriously damn funny
-He was joking and all, like abit hyper too.Like his alter ego or something.
seriously damn funny. and found out his 26 and has a kid.
-Stayed back in school. TO PLAY L4D!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-My com were giving lots of i nvr play.
-So watch the rest play. Was LMAO all the wayy. Damnn funny.
-Kelly keep shooting Shafiq by mistake. Shafiq's reaction was hilarious.

-Continue with our previous work.
-Fed up
-Maya keep crashing.
-i keep deforestationing the maya scene. theres alot of trees. file was too big.
-Stayed back again.
-L4D again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-This time i play. And im a reallllyyyy badddd teammate!!!!!!!!!!!
-1st match, i shot the red car and alerted the horde. All died.
-Then decided to play cheats. unlimited ammo and life.
-I keep spamming molotovs. They ask me to stop, i still do it, lol.
-After that its just infinite ammo, no more god mode.
-I stiilll spam Molotovs. ahah.
-And i keep friendly-firing, ON PURPOSE
-I saw a witch, chiong. got knock down. Witch die.
-The rest all dont wanna help me and leave me there to die. Lol so bad.
-They want me to die because im causing them to lose by friendlyfiring.
-So i died. i then got revived. And Shafiq shoots me like crazy till my life damnnn low.
-It was damnnn funn. Super stress relief. Laughed till teared while playing.

Okayy that shows my FYP is sooo screwed upp. And yeahh, im probably got blacklisted, lol.
Kena caught by YT twice ahaha. But it was fun to have crazy friends around.
And seriously, the M311 codpit lab coms are faster than our fyp lab. So lame.
And he Visual-effects labs is even wayyyy faster. And nxt week we gonna be back
in the fyp lab. That sucks. And we should reaaaally cut down on l4d.
Okay American Idol is starting. Gonna watch. And Danny Gokey must die.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yeahh lets bloooggg.

1st, FYP. okay sian, getting busy liao. Animating.
i animated 2 shots liao. Now doing the 3rd. And 3rd 1 is harddd..
Anyways, 2day Mr Cher Chen( watever u spell it) aka Ah Boy was damn funny.
It was in the morning. He suddenly barged into the room. I thought theres some
important announcment lah.
but actually not, he was like " Ehhh wahhh!! You know ahh, downstairs near the pond
there, I was walking, and i saw 2 people standing, but its like u can only see 1 head lah!
I look closer, it was actually 2 couples like this(doing the kissing action with his hands).
So I keep staring at them. The guy saw and stare at me back lah! And then he dont care

Yeahhh, he said something like that. Seriously damnnn funny. he's expression and the way
he tell it to us, soo hilarious lah! Soo damn random. i expect him to be a quiet kind.
And Anil is kinda funny too, though Im quite scared of him. He looks strict. Like a
Bollywood Mafia or something. And the way he walks and stagger. Ahaha.
But yeahh, he's kinda funny.

Went to the Msc Bazaar at Blk B to get a HDD. $79 for 160gb. I thk its okay. ANd they
are selling $139 for 320gb too. Affordable i guess? I bought the 160gb. The people there
is very friendly.

Went home. Catch American Idol result. Seriously, DAMN.
Alexis Grace is gone...
I like her alot. She's very cute a got great vocals. Like her personality too.
My favorite is Alexis, Kris Allen, Megan Joy and Adam lambert.
Kris Allen is cool. Humble and not trying to be a showoff.
Megan is very unique. And Gorgeous too.
Adam, i dont really like him, but his vocals is really crazy. its just awesome.
But his makeup is heavier than a lady.

The rest are all boring. Danny Gokey, he's overrated. I hate him. He act wan lor.
And he looks like Shrek when he smiles.
Matt Giraud Is cool too. But he's a Justin timberlake ripoff. Soo nahh.
The rest are okay.
I want the blind Guy out!!! Seriously. And no, im not stereotyping blind people.
I think he's in is because of sympathy votes. He's not that good. And the judges
are just being nice to him. Grrr. And he kinda look like Mr.Bean. LOL im so evil.

Okayy, yeahh i love American Idol. Enough Said. And my laptop is stupid now.
Gonna reformat it.
And i wish to have a Dog, cuddle it, kiss it and stuff like that. i seriously want to
do that, but i just can't. Dammit.